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National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. Logo Official website:
Rev. Dr. William J. Shaw, President
Rev. Dr. William J. Shaw, President

· 1880-  The Foreign Mission Convention organized, Montgomery AL

· 1880-  Rev. W. H. McAlpin, First President

· 1886-  American National Baptist Convention organized

· 1893-  Baptist National Educational Convention organized

· 1895-  National Baptist Convention formed, Atlanta GA

· 1895-  Rev. Elias C. Morris, President (1894-1921)

· 1895-  National Baptist Foreign Mission Board developed

· 1896-  National Baptist Publishing Board Incorporated by founder Richard Boyd

· 1897-  Schism caused formation of Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention

· 1899-  National Baptist Young Peoples Union organized

· 1900-  Women’s Convention formed, Dr. Sarah Willie Layten, President

· 1904-  National Baptist Sunday School Congress organized

· 1905-  Lott Carey and National Baptist establish relationship

· 1915-  Schism resulting in formation of National Baptist Convention of America

· 1916-  Reorganized as National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.

· 1922-  Rev. W. G. Parks, President served Sept-Dec 1922

· 1922-  Rev. Lacey Kirk Williams, President served until 1940

· 1924-  American Baptist College established Nashville, TN

· 1940-  Rev. David V. Jemison, President served until 1953

· 1953-  Rev. J. H. Jackson, President served until 1982

· 1965-  Rev. Trudie Trimm becomes first female pastor in the Convention

· 1982-  Rev. T. J. Jemison, President served until 1994

· 1994-  Rev. Henry J. Lyons, President served until March 1999

· 1999-  Rev. S.C. Cureton, Interim President until September 1999

· 1999-  Rev. William J. Shaw, President

Annual Meeting first week in September
National Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Membership: 7.5 million estimated

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