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A Voice for the African-American Christian Community
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The PulpitThe Pulpit
Provides resources to assist clergy, pastors and others engaged in church leadership.

The Pulpit Home Page

The Pulpit Featured Article

The Pulpit Resources

  1. General Ministry Resources  
  2. Sermon Helps 
  3. Bibles  
  4. Christian Directories  
  5. Ministry Tools
  6. Denominations 
  7. Denominational Resources  
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The PewThe Pew
Provides resources to assist families and congregations.

The Pew Home Page

The Pew Featured Article

The Pew Resources

  1. General Ministry Resources 
  2. Bible Study 
  3. Devotionals/Prayer 
  4. Christian Search Engines 
  5. Music/Books/Magazines 
  6. African-American Web Sites 
  7. Featured Music 
  8. Search Engines 
  9. Greek Organizations 
  10. Internet Resources 
  11. Organizations 
  12. Historical Black Colleges & Universities 
  13. Media Resources 
  14. BNC Career Center 
  15. Featured Music 
  16. Featured Music 2004
    Featured Music 2003
    Featured Music 2002
    Featured Music 2001
    Featured Music 2000
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The AcademyThe Academy
Provides resources to assist theologians, seminarians and others.

The Academy Home Page

The Academy Featured Article

The Academy Resources

  1. Places to Study 
  2. Historical Black Colleges & Universities 
  3. Organizations & Associations 
  4. Institutes & Research Centers 
  5. Interesting Places to Visit 
  6. Libraries, Cultural Centers & Historical Societies 
  7. Faculty & Student Resources 
  8. Financial Assistance 
  9. Museums 
  10. Jobs 
  11. Academic Publishers & Journals 
  12. Featured Books 
  13. FeaturedBooks 2004
    FeaturedBooks 2003
    Featured Books 2002
    Featured Books 2001
    Featured Books 2000
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The Black ChurchThe Black Church
Provides historical and reference material on the African American Church.

The Black Church Home Page

Black Church History Highlights

  1. The African Methodist Episcopal History 
  2. African Methodist Episcopal Zion 
  3. Christian Methodist Episcopal 
  4. Church of God In Christ 
  5. Progressive National Baptist Convention 
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BNC GlobalBNC Global
Provides links to Africa and in the Diaspora

BNC Global Home Page

  1. The Pulpit 
  2. The Pew 
  3. The Academy 
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  1. This Month 
  2. Shining the Light ON
  3. BNC Exclusives 
  4. The Black Corner 
  5. Featured Articles 2004 
  6. Featured Articles 2003 
  7. Featured Articles 2002 
  8. Featured Articles 2001 
  9. Featured Articles 2000 
  10. Headline Articles of Interest  
  11. Remember 9-11-01
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African American Church DirectoryChurch Directory

Church Directory Home Page

  1. General Info
  2. Global
  3. Northern Region 
  4. Midwestern Region 
  5. Western Region 
  6. Southern Region 
  7. Add Your Church 
  8. Events Calendar 
  9. Add Your Event
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Community Home Page

  1. Newsletter 
  2. Forums 
  3. News Center 
  4. Search 
  5. Christian Jobs 
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